Tachosil Fibrin Sealant Patch

Package to Patient + Hemostasis Power

TachoSil® Advantage

Adjunctive hemostasis to control mild-to-moderate intraoperative bleeding. Do not use for the treatment of major arterial or venous bleeding.

TachoSil® patch harnesses the efficacy of a fibrin sealant in the convenience of a surgical patch for targeted bleeding coverage. The coating of active biological ingredients fibrinogen and thrombin on one side of the collagen patch promote hemostasis by triggering the last stage of the coagulation cascade to create a fibrin clot.

Ready to Use
  • No mixing
  • No thawing
  • No refrigeration
  • No special apparatus
  • Maintains flexibility that accommodates tissue and organ movement
  • Can be cut to size and shape of wound
  • Wet or dry field application
Staying Power
  • High adhesive strength shown to withstand pressures up to 61.4 hPa (46.1 mmHg)1
  • Does not have to be removed
  • TachoSil® was applied to swine liver wounds and showed progressive degradation. Remnants of the patch may remain present up to 12 months*

*Preclinical results may not correlate with results in humans.

Remains Flexible, Will not Swell
  1. The equine collagen is structured in a honeycomb-like, closed cell formation, and can serve as a mechanical carrier.

    • Remains flexible1
    • Will not swell1
  1. TachoSil® patch is coated with two active human coagulation factors: fibrinogen and thrombin. Upon contact with a bleeding wound surface, the active substances become dissolved and partly diffuse into the wound surface.1
  1. The fibrinogen-thrombin reaction initiates the last step in the coagulation cascade to form the fibrin clot. Compress TachoSil® patch gently over the wound area for at least 3 minutes until coagulation is triggered.1
  1. Hemostasis is achieved when the formed fibrin clot adheres the collagen patch to the wound surface, thus providing a physical barrier to bleeding.
  1. Microscopic side view of TachoSil® patch. The thrombin and fibrinogen is anchored to the honeycomb-like indentations of the collagen carrier.

Indications and Usage

Indicated for use with manual compression in adult and pediatric patients as an adjunct to hemostasis in cardiovascular and hepatic surgery when control of bleeding by standard surgical techniques (such as suture, ligature or cautery) is ineffective or impractical.

Not for use in place of sutures or other forms of mechanical ligation in treatment of major arterial or venous bleeding. Not for use in children under one month of age.

Selected Important Risk Information

  • Do not use TachoSil® Fibrin Sealant Patch in individuals with known hypersensitivity to human blood products or horse proteins.
  • Can cause hypersensitivity or allergic/anaphylactoid reactions with first-time or repetitive application.
  • Avoid application to contaminated areas of the body or in the presence of active infection.

For more Information, please see Detailed Important Risk Information and Full Prescribing Information.